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Born in 1989 in Burglengenfeld, Germany.

Florian studied at Regensburg's Academy and at University of Pilsen in Czech Republic. He specialised in Textiles, Art & Design (Bachelors and Masters) by Kunstuniversität in Linz, Austria.

In 2012, Florian was an artist in residence in Vienna, where had his first Solo Exhibition Project: „Rug Plot“. Afterwards, he was tutor in the field of screenprinting for university of arts in Linz, Austria. And in 2015 he went to enrich his experience at Universidad Bellas Artes del Pais Vasco in Bilbao, Spain.

Solo Exhibitions

2014: Exhibition „tribute to the golden volutweens“ Sub Violet Linz, Austria

2010: Exhibition „Liberty ART“ Akademiesalon Regensburg, Germany

Collective Exhibitions

2019: Collective Exhibition „Sparda-Bank-Kunstpreis-Amberg“, Germany

          Collective Exhibition „Room stuffed with stuff“, Linz, Austria

2018: Collective Exhibition „Loose Harbour“ Höhenrausch, OK OÖ Linz, Austria

          Collective Exhibition „blühen,kunst,alles“ Botanischer Garten Linz, Austria

          Collective Exhibition „praktisch scheiße“ Kulturtankstelle Linz, Austria 

          Collective Exhibition „Kunstpreis Lentos“ Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Austria

2017: Collective Exhibition „BestOff“ Offenes Kulturhaus, Austria

          Collective Exhibition „bye bye mimaki“ Raumschiff Linz, Austria

2014: Collective Exhibition „Das absolute Objekt“ Raumschiff Linz, Austria

2013: Collective Exhibition „Johann Baptist Reiter“ Nordico Linz, Austria

          Collective Exhibition „Postmodernland“ ShiDisplay Linz, Austria

          Collective Exhibition „2.KunstSchauNacht“ Kallmünz, Germany

2011: Collective Exhibition „1.KunstSchauNacht“ Kallmünz, Germany

2010: Collective Exhibition „DERE: Sexytypen“ Kunst- und Gewerbeverein Regensburg, Germany

Awards & Recognitions​

2018: Prize at Solidart's Competition „TextilsteinLampe“, Austria

2018: 1st Prize at Sparta-Bank-Kunstpreis, Amberg, Germany

2017: Cultural Prize, Salzburg for „DA BILLI JEAN IS NED MEI BUA“, Austria

2014: Prize for Medaillen and T-shirt Design for Unisport Austria

2012: Prize at „Fian Stop Impunity“ Competition, Belgium


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