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Spanish artist who’s encouraged by the idea of violence as a tool and creative sourceto express his direct contact with materiality.


Great compositions that intertwine color, light and space, where you will feel immersed in mysterious scenes that lead to existential questions.


The „textilestone“ finds its place on this interface with an interaction of plastic and pictorial exploration of the textile material. Through a special process and technology, the feel is velvety and the surface remins of „Stucco lustro“ from a distance. 

Nörl 02.png

His work has qualities of magical realism, Baroque, late Gothic, among others; and the combination of these forms something new, something that makes it own and unmistakable.

01 Ricardo Celma, Noche y Crepusculo (diptico), 150x150cm, oil on canvas, 2016.jpg

Expressive quality of color and its play with forms, which come from a deeply rich imaginary.


Ver de rosa, 150x150cm.jpg
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