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Luis Altieri

Born in 1962 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


He has made innumerable collective exhibitions in Argentina and abroad and about thirty individual exhibitions including one itinerant for a large part of the province of Buenos Aires during 2007, visiting museums and cultural centers.


In 2008 he joined the Argentinian Commission for the "Kunst10Daagse", 10 days of Art, Bergen, Holland.

Collective and more than 30 solo exhibitions:

2004 “Naranjas Verdes” Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2007 “Lìber Còlor” Itinerancia por la Provincia de Bs.As, Museos y C. Culturales

2008 “Kunst 10 Daagse” Bergen, Holanda

2011 “Alta Frecuencia” C.C.Recoleta Buenos Aires, Argentina

2012  “Pinturas” Palacio Duhau, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2015 “Pintura & Collage” Banco Ciudad de BsAs. / Museo Emilio Caraffa, Córdoba, Argentina

2016 “Prometeo, entre el cielo y la tierra”, UCA, Bs.As./ “Estructura y libertad”, PS Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2017 “La estructura del caos” U.N.La Matanza, Bs.AS./ “Apolo y Dioniso frente al espejo”, Museo de arte contemporáneo de Junin, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2018 “Pinturas” Palacio Duhau, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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